kusok_toplivo.jpg Housing and communal services are a particular market segment, using lump or milling fuel peat for heating amenity rooms.

Maintaining the guidelines of the government, directed on growth of power efficiency of Russian regions with the help of transition on using local types of peat, our corporation offers shipments:

Lumpy fuel peat

Fuel capacity of peat lump (due to the results of testings) at the average is 4000 kcal/kg, while the fuel capacity of:
• wood – 2770 kkal/kg;
• brown coal – 3910 kkal/kg;
• black coal – 5200 kkal/kg.

Advantages of fuel peat:
• fuel peat reduces expenses on heating as compared with coal and wood;
• fuel peat is 100% ecological product;
• fuel peat evolves less sulfur and nitrogen while burning than coal and it means it’s more ecological;
• fuel peat doesn’t cause inflammations in chimney, because there is practically no heavy creosote in smoke;
• fuel peat is safe for human skin and eyes, because it doesn’t blaze up or flash;
• fuel peat doesn’t evolve toxic gases while burning.

To adapt and choose the right way of heating for you, you may need 2-3 stockings. Lump peat inflames at 150 °C, so use firewood or chips for firing.
Light the stove (boiler), bring to the needed temperature, add lump peat in a firebox, cut off the feed of air , close the fire shutter as much as possible – it will depend on specific features of your stove (boiler). The heat will be kept up for a long time.
Generated ash might be used as organic fertilizer.
Use only special explosion-proof firing-liquid.

Lump fuel peat is transported with all kinds of transport according to all rules of transportation of goods on a particular kind of transport.
Peat must be kept in framed piles, on dry areas, protected from exposure of groundwater and waste water.
The fall height while loading and offloading must not be more than 2m.
LTD “Veltorf” guarantees compliance with the declared requirements that standard storage and transportation conditions are ensured.
Warranty period – 6 months since date of registration certificate issue.

Lump fuel peat is released in following packings: 50 kg ( polypropylene bag ), 400-500 kg (polypropylene big-bag).

50kg.jpg 400kg.jpg

Compare lump fuel peat with other types of fuel

  Lump fuel peat Firewood Coal
sravnenie_torf.jpg sravnenie_drova.jpg sravnenie_ugol.jpg
Fuel capacity, kcal/kg 3000...3500 2400...2900 4600...5500
Ash content, % 2...5 0,5...1 25 (slag)
Smouldering time 10 kg per, hour 2...3 1...2 3...4
Amount of fuel equivalent 1 ton 3,4 m3 0,63 ton
Specifics of use Even and continuous burning; small amount of ash; absence of soot; specific usual smell Un even burning; fast fuel burnout; formation of soot; small amount of ash; usual smell Even and continuous burning; big amount of soot and slag; specific usual smell
How much will you pay for heating in comparison with lump peat? 3 times more ! 1.6 times more !