"VELTORF" Ltd is a modern, actively developing peat enterprise, the largest in the Northwest in Russia, the producer of soil mixed with peat and fuel peat. The enterprise is located in Velikiye Luki, the Pskov region.
Under the VELTORF trademark our company makes high-quality peat nutritious substrates for crops and cultivation of vegetable cultures’ seedling, special mixes for cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbages, salads, a number of substrates for cultivation of one-year, long-term, hanging and bulbous flower cultures, substrates for lawns, ephedras, bushes, and also other decorative cultures, including individual orders. Only the healthy soil can provide healthy plants, so the decision of the substrate which will be used as a millieu for plants cultivation is of very great importance.
To satisfy special requirements for separate cultures and methods of their cultivation we can put various micro and macro elements, prolonged action fertilizers, additives raising moisture and air capacity of a substrate which meet high demands of the quality standards in our peat mixes.

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