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      Peat development and removal is performed at the Galskiy mokh field with the use of the modern specialized PremierTech System Ltd (Canada) и Valtra (Finland) equipment.
The quality of the grassland at the Galskiy mokh field allows to remove milled and dug peat for agricultural needs as well as peat for its effective use as simple, safe, pure fuel.
The results of the tests carried out in the peat laboratory and its derivative products of the All-Russian Research Institute of the Peat Industry confirm the high quality of the removed peat and the compliance of its composition with the requirements of GOST Р 51661.2-2000.


The peat processing plant is fitted out with the modern high technology equipment made in Canada:

Fractionating line

Peat coming from the place of removal is divided into five fractions of the following sizes: 0-5, 0-10, 5-20, 15-40 and bigger than 40 mm. Before the division into fractions, the raw material is subject to a clarification from the accidental inclusions on a revolving disk grizzly. 40 mm particles and bigger ones go to a hammer grinder for further fractionation or are removed from the processing chain. Division into fractions of 0-5, 0-10, 5-20, 15-40 and bigger than 40 mm sizes allows to get a peat base for the substrates with the needed particle sizes and minimal number of accidental inclusions.

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Mixing line

7 measuring pockets for adding dry components and 2 for adding liquid components allow getting high quality substrates with the required pH index and percentage composition of micro and macro elements corresponding to the Purchaser’s requirements. It is possible to put four types of fertilizers in solid state, perlite and vermiculite, fertilizer liquids, wetting agent which allows reducing the drench time of the substrate in hothouse facilities. Technologically it is possible to mix different types and fractions with sand or clay for using the derived mixture as a substrate base.

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Distribution line

Equipment guide line allows the resulting product to the packaging line Bael of 3 / 4,5 / 5,2 cubic meters, for a packaging line packages from 5 to 70 liters.

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Packaging line

The line consists of press packs of 3 / 4.5 / 5.2 cubic meters, as well as packaging machines for packaging from 5 to 70 liters. At the press for large packages of the product is obtained by compression by a factor of 2.1 to the implementation of brewing top of the pack, with the application of marking, installation received packages of 3 / 4.5 / 5.2 cubic meters on pallets and transport them outside the production line for storage and shipment to the Customer. Performance press produces 20 packs per hour. Machines for small packaging for amateur soils produce market designed for wholesale and retail sales of 5 to 50 liters. Performance machines produces between 850 to 1,500 packages per hour, depending on the engine capacity.

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The in-house independent plant’s laboratory regularly carries out chemical, physical and biological analysis of the incoming raw materials and ready peat mixtures, which enables us to keep strict control of the quality of our production.

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